Verónica Calonga Solís

University of Lübeck
Lübeck Institute of Experimental Dermatology
23562 Lübeck
Gebäude 67 2.OG, Raum 44

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Verónica Calonga Solís is a PhD student at the Department of Genetics of the Federal University of Paraná (UFPR) – Brazil. Currently she is participating in a DAAD/CAPES international exchange program at the Medical Systems Biology Group lead by Prof. Hauke Busch at Lübeck Institute of Experimental Dermatology, studying the immune repertoire of individuals with Brazilian endemic pemphigus foliaceus.

She concluded her undergraduate degree in Genetics (2013), at the National University of Misiones – Argentina, where she performed population genetics studies with a native forest species from South America. During her Master’s degree in Genetics (2016), at the Laboratory of Human Molecular Genetics (LGMH) at UFPR – Brazil, she studied the genetic diversity of immunoglobulin constant genes in various Brazilian populations. Her doctoral research is based on the immunoglobulin genes polymorphisms characterization and its association with differential susceptibility to endemic pemphigus foliaceus. She has experience in the study of Immunogenetics, Molecular Genetics and Population Genetics.


Selected publications

  • Calonga-Solís V, Malheiros D, Beltrame MH, Vargas L de B, Dourado RM, Issler HC, Wassem R, Petzl-Erler ML, Augusto DG. Unveiling the Diversity of Immunoglobulin Heavy Constant Gamma (IGHG) Gene Segments in Brazilian Populations Reveals 28 Novel Alleles and Evidence of Gene Conversion and Natural Selection. Front Immunol (2019)
  • De Sousa Castro M, Issler HC, Gelmini GF, de Miranda BLM, Calonga-Solís V, Schmidt AH, Stein A, da Graça Bicalho M, Petzl-Erler ML, Augusto DG. High-resolution characterization of 12 classical and non-classical HLA loci in Southern Brazilians. HLA (2019)