Tim Lenfers

University of Lübeck
Lübeck Institute of Experimental Dermatology
23562 Lübeck
Gebäude 67 3.OG, Raum 17

Phone:+49 (0) 451 3101 8472
Fax:+49 (0) 451 3101 8404


Tim Lenfers studies Medical Informatics at the University of Lübeck. Scince April 2021 he is working on the analysis of tumor heterogenity for his practical semester at the Medical Systems Biology Group.

Scientific career

Scince 2019
Master of Science (Medical Informatics), University of Lübeck

2016 - 2019
Bachelor of Science (Medical Informatics), Heidelberg University and Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences

Selected publications

Bisgin P., Houta S., Burmann A., Lenfers T. REM Sleep Stage Detection of Parkinson’s Disease Patients with RBD. Business Information Systems. BIS. 2020