The Galaxy Server of the Systems Biology Group

About Galaxy
Galaxy is a web-based platform for running bioinformatical tools. Its big advantage is, that in contrast to their normal usage, it requires little knowledge about the command line to run tools in Galaxy. An analysis can be simply performed with a few mouse clicks. Analyses can either be run individually, or together as part of a larger workflow.

OMICS Cluster
The Systems biology group is hosting a Galaxy server as part of the OMICS Cluster. It is possible to log into the server using your OMICS accounts user-name and password.

The link to the Galaxy instance is:

Picture 1: Front page of the OMICS clusters Galaxy server


Another big advantage of Galaxy is based on its workflow editor. It enables the users to easily connect tools to a workflow, by simply drawing lines between the tools inside the workflow editor.

Our group is currently offering prebuild workflows for several applications, although all users can also build their own pipelines using the available tools. A detailed description on how to build your own workflow can be found in the Galaxy

 Picture 2: Part of the WEA workflow, pictured in the workflow editor

Currently we offer tools & worflows for:

- Whole Exome Analysis
- Mt-DNA 
- RNA-seq

In case the application you are searching for is not yet available, please refer to Hauke Bush. We might be able to add it to our Galaxy instance.