Topics for a master thesis


Constructing Single Cell Immunerepertoire Analysis Pipeline

The specificity of B and T cells towards antigens is determined by the receptor-forming protein complexes. To reflect the subgroups in the protein complex and their expression in its entirety, single-cell analyses must be applied.


Generation and Analysis of SingleCell-RNA Data from CoVID Exposed PBMC’s

SARS-CoV-2 as a virus is still a big factor in our daily life. Besides obvious infections of the respiratory system, there are several other effects on health, from severe infections caused by cytokine storms to long-lasting problems after infection. Peripheral blood mononuclear cells 'PBMC' are a promising object for scientific questions regarding immune responses.


Single Cell Transcriptome Analysis of Nasal Epithelial Cells

Human nasal epithelium is grade by the recent events surrounding CoVID-19. Specifically, the nasal tissue is generally considered to be one of the entry points for the SARS-CoV-2. The effects of the virus on these cell types is not completely illuminated. With single cell RNA sequencing, it is possible to study the transcriptome of these tissues while maintaining heterogeneity within and effects on the different cell types.